100 Ruckin Mileage Tracker

Fastest to 100 Miles

Top Five Overall Miles:

  1. Patrick McDonagh – 262.00
  2. Matt Francev – 215.00
  3. Freddy Penny – 215.00
  4. David Sailor – 200.00
  5. Joseph Cmolik – 151.59
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Note: Chart will update within 24 hours of your mileage check-in, but usually the elves work quicker than that!

GORUCK ChallengeTake a sec to visit our incredible sponsor, the GORUCK Challenge →

The GORUCK Challenge is a positive extension of GORUCK’s goal to bring people together: miltary/non-military, men/women, young/old. Our Special Operations Cadre teach every class what a team feels like, how to stay cool under stress, and why camaraderie in Special Forces is so high. In our estimation, people are good, and capable of much more when they work together, for each other.

8-10 Hours. 15-20 Miles. Good Livin’.