5 Items You Don’t Want to Forget the Day of Your Mud Run

We’re talking cold-hard cash, the type of stuff that’ll buy you a dirty dog in Brooklyn or leave you shirtless at the craps table..

Getting ready to hit the mud run course? 

Chances are you’ll remember to suit up with the essentials like sneakers, spandex, and your orange head-band. While most of these basic necessities will make the cut into your travel bag, it’s all too common to allow some of the smaller things to escape our packing list. Here’s five items no mud runner should leave the house without:

5-things-don't-forget-mud-run-cash5. Cash

That’s right! We’re not talking Debit cards here. We’re talking cold-hard cash, the type of stuff that’ll buy you a dirty dog in Brooklyn or leave you shirtless at the craps table. Without cash, you’re bound to be the odd-man-out at the post-race festivities as very few mud runs take place within walking distance of an ATM machine. If you want more than the one free beer you get for crossing the finish line, be sure to hit the bank before the race and stock up on some Greenbacks.

5-things-don't-forget-mud-run-water4. One-Gallon Container of Water

Sure, you’ll remember to pack your soap-on-a-rope and a plush towel so you can scrub-a-dub-dub in the cold showers at the finish. But, trust me on this, cold showers are a real downer, especially when you have to wait in line for 20 minutes to share a garden hose. Do yourself a favor and bring a couple of gallon jugs of H20. After the race, run back to your car, slather, lather, and rinse down in your Poland Spring, then head back to the post-race party fresh as a summer rose.

5-things-don't-forget-mud-run-garbage-bags3. Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

After the race, you’ll want to rip off those mud-soaked clothes, but don’t be the guy that stinks up the back seat with his grimy socks. Instead, pack a few contractor bags to store your dirty gear for the ride home. Cheap bags break, so kick-in a few extra scheckles and get the good stuff like these Husky Contractor Bags (affiliate). Be sure to pack a few extra bags, as they are truly multipurpose. Learn more →

5-things-don't-forget-mud-run-id2. Identification

If there’s just one item you remember to bring with you on race day, make sure that thing is a valid ID. Without it, you’ll be unable to check-in for your race or enjoy a beer afterward. I typically run in a slick pair of board shorts like these from Billabong (affiliate). These have a single side pocket that secures tight with velcro. I seal my ID, insurance card, and my drinking money in a small Ziplock bag and slip that in my pocket for the duration of the race.

5-things-don't-forget-mud-run-car-key1. A Place to Store Your Car Key or Alarm

The last thing you want to do is lug around your car keys through the mud as even a single car key can impale you when you least expect it. Obstacles like Under Water Tunnels or barbed wire, where you must Army crawl with mud up to your nostrils, are significantly more hazardous with keys in your pocket. And if your car has an anti-theft system, you definitely want to leave your alarm key on higher ground. Before the race, instead of worrying about how to carry your car key in the mud, seal it in a Ziplock bag and hide it in a secret place such as behind your car’s fuel door, on the inner ledge of a bumper, or a few inches up the tail pipe. An even better solution is to pick up one of these magnetic key cases (affiliate) and attach it under the frame of your car.

Are there items that you can’t live without or seem to always forget on race day? Share them in the comments below!

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