50 Reasons to Train for a Mud Run: No. 28

50 Reasons to train for a mud run

No. 28 Mud Heals

The best mud runs in the world have at least one common bond…an exorbitant amount of mud. Running, crawling and slipping through mud is an incredibly fun experience and perhaps raison d’être for getting yourself in tip-top shape to take on a mud run. But aside from the fun-factor, there are other, more scientific benefits to dousing yourself in mud. For one, mud is an exceptional source of therapeutic healing for a variety of ailments and diseases. One of the most popular advantages of mud is the positive effect it has on the skin. Mud contains sulfur, chloride, fluoride and other natural occurring chemicals that aid the body’s complexion, particularly on the face. It has been proven to pull toxic metals from the skin and body and is found in the best spas in the world in the form of mud baths. In addition, when mud is left on the skin long enough to dry, it helps stretch the skin and smooth wrinkles, which is why many people swear by mud baths as their fountain of youth. Mud provides a revitalizing therapy that heals, soothes, and rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin and helps induce deep relaxation. Next time you’re looking for a reason to get off the couch and train for a mud run, just think of the benefits of mud…one of the earth’s most natural and effective healers.

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