50 Reasons to Train for a Mud Run: No. 33

50 Reasons to train for a mud run

No. 33 Mud Makes You Happy

Mud run training not will not only help you achieve maximum physical fitness, but will lead to peak mental fitness. As you make strides in your mud run training, you’ll find that your mood will perk up too. Aside from feeling better because you’re simply in better shape, a chemical reaction is taking place inside your body as you release endorphins. With a regular release of endorphins, your body will heal faster, slow the aging process and keep you feeling relaxed and stress-free. And remember, mud run training can also provide you with that ever-important alone time where you  can really dive into an issue and work through it. Some of life’s biggest problems can be resolved during a Tabata session, a Primal workout or a long trail run. So the next time you feel stressed, get on your mud run shoes, hit the dirt, and feel the miracle of mud run training for yourself.

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