50 Reasons to Train for a Mud Run: No. 41

50 Reasons to train for a mud run

No. 41 Because Mudders Love to Fail

We typically look at failure as a dark cloud of missed goals or shortcomings. But life is all about learning and failing at things is one of the best ways we can educate ourselves. Taking a risk and failing at something makes us think of what we did wrong and what we can improve upon. When it comes to a mud run, trying obstacles and failing at them drives us to train better, try them again and succeed the next time. It’s easy to skip obstacles and avoid the risk of failing altogether, but it’s that risk that keeps us growing and allows us to discover who we are and what we’re made of. Feeling safe is great, but safe has a ceiling that doesn’t allow us to challenge ourselves. Stepping out of our comfort zone with the possibility of failure staring us in the face…now that’s a whole new ball game. Learn to take risks and embrace failing while running through mud or your everyday life…and the successes will come naturally.


Special thanks to heyamberrae for inspiring this post.


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