Hearty, healthy mud run grub…just the way you like it!

Looking for some post-race man food? Need something to fuel your mud run training sessions that won’t break the bank or your bust line? I’ll bring you some kick-ass treats and tasties that will feed your dirty-dish desires and show you how to get it done yourself. Hearty, healthy mud run grub…just the way you like it!

I’ve often heard that great NFL quarterbacks are measured by their ability to make those around them better. Consider bacon, my favorite primal staple, the greatest NFL quarterback of the food world. Bacon is awesome. Not the nitrate-induced Oscar Meyer crap. Real, slab, bacon…or Boar’s Head. Why? Because there’s little, if any, food that doesn’t [...]

Mud Run Grub: The Perfect Egg

Conventional Egg-spectations. Eggs get a bum rap. Aside from the excitement they bring to annual Easter-egg hunts, conventional wisdom has linked one of nature’s most affordable and beneficial foods to everything from high cholesterol to heart disease. But recent studies have sent egg-alarmists scrambling and provide solid evidence why the incredible-edible-egg should be removed from your “do not eat” list. [...]

Mud Run Grub: Primal Shrimp Stir-Fry

Sick of turkey yet? Neither am I, but I will be after eating Thanksgiving leftovers for a week straight. Inevitably, we’ll all need to get back into form as we gear-up for another mud run. Here’s an incredibly quick and flexible recipe that will help you save yourself from T-day carb-overload and get you back [...]

Time for Chili! It’s that time of year. Cool, wet weather…blustery winds…mud runs galore and football on Sundays. What better timing for a lip-smacking chili? Warm your primordial bones with this weekend chili recipe adapted from Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint. What’s in it: 2-3 slices uncooked bacon (get the thick uncured stuff like this [...]