The Olympic Challenge

  For the next 17 days, we will witness the greatest athletes in the world each competing to be the best-of-the-best as the 2012 London Olympics are now underway. And as summer sadly grows closer to a close, mud run maniacs know that the true tests of grit are just around the corner…cold weather mud [...]

Climbing the Goddamn Wall

About a month ago, I stopped blogging. I stopped posting on Facebook, I stopped Tweeting, I stopped engaging with you, the Mud Run Maniac community. I just stopped. I shut down. I hit my wall. We’ve all been there, at the wall. At Tough Mudder, I’ve stared that sucker down until I KNOW 100% I [...]

Drop-Klick Challenge

Full recap of last month’s “100 Ruckin Mile Challenge” coming soon, but in the interim, I have to say that you guys crushed the hell out of that one! We had over a 100 participants and 55 of you recorded each ruckin’ mile on the Tracker Spreadsheet. Awesome! Really ruckin’ awesome. Patches are coming soon! [...]

100 Ruckin’ Miles Challenge

Holy moly mackeroly! In March, we killed our upper bodies by repeating the infamous “burpee” 5,000 freakin’ times. This month, prepare to test your lower-half. The Challenge: Run 100 Ruckin’ Miles. Are you serious? Yes, well, I don’t know. It’s worth a try. I think a lot of you probably run close to or more [...]

Why failure rocks.

900 As of today, 900 is the total number of burpees I have left to complete the 5K Burpee Challenge for March. This challenge has proved very difficult for me. Despite tweaking my approach each day and growing very efficient at the burpee exercise, my biggest hurdle has been setting aside the time to do [...]

No. 33 Mud Makes You Happy Mud run training not will not only help you achieve maximum physical fitness, but will lead to peak mental fitness. As you make strides in your mud run training, you’ll find that your mood will perk up too. Aside from feeling better because you’re simply in better shape, a [...]

No. 28 Mud Heals The best mud runs in the world have at least one common bond…an exorbitant amount of mud. Running, crawling and slipping through mud is an incredibly fun experience and perhaps raison d’être for getting yourself in tip-top shape to take on a mud run. But aside from the fun-factor, there are other, [...]

No. 41 Because Mudders Love to Fail We typically look at failure as a dark cloud of missed goals or shortcomings. But life is all about learning and failing at things is one of the best ways we can educate ourselves. Taking a risk and failing at something makes us think of what we did [...]

No. 9 Mud Run After-Party Sure, training for a mud run to get in shape, test your limits and achieve your goals is fine and dandy. But here’s another reason that’s right up there with the lead pack–post-run parties! Mud run after-parties are the perfect place to flex your pecs, show-off your battle scars and [...]

No. 36 Firmer Toned Legs Mud run training involves a lot of running, jumping, and crawling. It’s no surprise that by hitting these primal movements regularly, you will naturally make the lower half of your body stronger and leaner, including your butt, thighs, hips and calves. For an added bonus, train outdoors with mixed terrains [...]

I consider Ryan one of my closest friends. We were introduced to each other while working at a bar nearly 15 years ago. In 2010, we found a common bond in our passion for mud running. This is Ryan’s perspective of that journey…A special thanks to Ryan for taking the time to share his story…It’s [...]

Filthy Fitness: How I Became a Mud Run Maniac

­A Muddy Introduction I signed up for my first mud run to finally get in shape. At just 28 years old, my 6’2″, 285-pound frame would get winded walking up a simple flight of­ stairs. My wife would often tease me and poke me in the belly as if I were the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. I [...]

It’s a cool autumn night a few days before Halloween. Ryan’s NIKE+ application sends an update to his Facebook status, “I just finished my run. Distance: 13.2 miles.” A few days later, another status update, “(sandy) hill repeats, 4.38 miles.” A glutton for punishment. Ryan Erdei, 31, of the Jersey Shore, has been addicted to [...]

Dear Mud Runners, On October 8th, 2011, while participating in the Volkslauf Mud Run in Bakersfield, CA, mud runner Mandy Trept (Pautwa) fell 16 feet from an obstacle and was critically injured. She sustained a neck injury and is going to have quite a recovery to go through. Her friends and family have asked thousands for [...]