I was going through some of my older posts when I recently came across my GORUCK Challenge Review from last year’s Class 093 in Washington, DC. Whether you’ve already signed-up or contemplating challenging yourself with some good livin’, you’ve probably started to consider what gear you’ll need to survive the night. When I signed up, [...]

Getting ready to hit the mud run course?  Chances are you’ll remember to suit up with the essentials like sneakers, spandex, and your orange head-band. While most of these basic necessities will make the cut into your travel bag, it’s all too common to allow some of the smaller things to escape our packing list. Here’s [...]

World’s Toughest Mudder: Gear List

Last December, I completed one full lap of the inaugural World’s Toughest Mudder event held at Raceway Park, NJ. While I was disappointed that I didn’t make my 24-hour goal, I was still pleased to have been a part of this epic mud-fest. I met some amazing people and had a lot of fun, despite [...]

When it comes to cold water diving, there’s definitely some debate out there as to whether or not earplugs cause more harm than good. Generally, they are not recommended for scuba diving where increased depths and water pressure could drive the earplug further into the ear canal. Another common view is that earplugs may create [...]

Sandbaggin’ It! This week I posted a killer sandbag workout for an intense change of pace to your everyday mud run training. Sandbags provide many training advantages due to their incredible versatility and malleability – a constantly shifting load means that you will get a bonus workout for your stabilizer muscles plus the awkward shape makes it [...]

A great way to get yourself in-shape for your next mud run in half the time is to incorporate interval training  into your mud run training schedule, such as the Tabata method. A typical Tabata set consists of a 20-second interval of high-intensity activity or sprints followed by 10-seconds of low or no activity. The [...]

The Pre-Race Dilemma It’s race day with less than 30 minutes until your heat time. You just overheard that Walk the Plank is five feet higher this year and the water temperature has yet to reach 40 degrees. Your nerves start to get the best of you when suddenly you hear nature calling. A single [...]

TOTW: Have a Ball!

Looking for an affordable and effective way to take your mud run training routine to the next level? Pick up a spherical blast from the past, like this Everlast PowerCore 9 lbs. Medicine Ball and reap the benefits. From ancient warriors to modern-day athletes, medicine balls have served as one of the most versatile tools of [...]

TOTW: Cold Water Torture

Last week’s nor’easter reminded us all that winter is a lot closer than we think. Hibernators will soon be snuggled up in layers of wool blankets and fleece sweatshirts, struggling to keep the chill in the air from reaching the slightest sliver of skin. But mud run maniacs are not hibernators. Instead, we not only [...]

TOTW: Practice Scaling

The eastern water dragon has much in common with the mud run maniac. He can be found in forests, grasslands, woodlands and urban-area park lands. He spends most of his free time near rivers, creeks, or lakes and is so well-adapted to water and muck that he can remain submerged in the stuff for over an hour. [...]

The mud running community is quickly gaining muddy ground lately as we continue to seek relief from our offices, labs, classrooms, couches and cubicles. …a mud run just ain’t a mud run without an ice-cold FREE beer waiting at the finish line! With this great demand for a filthy wet fix, the supply of mud [...]

So, I was in the gym today working on my mud run training (check out my training log here), which included a set of towel pull-ups for grip strength to end my workout. One of the trainers spotted me working on my towel pull-ups and said he wanted me to try something. He threw these [...]

Nearly every mud run event has at least one obstacle that will force you to get down on your stomach and low crawl. More often than not, the surface you will need to crawl on will be some form of rocky, muddy, grassy, snowy, icy, metallic, rubber or wooden surface. You might even have a [...]

Today, I’d like to share with you Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint (PB), a concept that allows you to obtain optimal health and fitness based on the lifestyle factors of our Paleolithic ancestors and an opportunity to take your mud run training to a new life-changing level. For me, Primal Blueprint has been a real [...]

Looking to cure sore muscles? Can’t seem to get the knots out no matter how long or how often you stretch? You’ve tried everything from heat therapy to an ice massage, but you just can’t get rid of that stiffness and pain in your legs? Instead of limping into your doctor’s office, take a run [...]

This past Sunday, the NFL lost yet another player, Jeff Cumberland (TE) for the NY Jets to an Achilles tendon tear. Sure, Cumberland certainly isn’t the most recognizable name in the NFL, but what is recognizable is the exorbitant amount of Achilles injuries that have already plagued the 2011 season, unofficially ten in preseason alone, [...]

Choosing the right team name for your next mud run is a crucial step in ensuring that your mud run is one of the most fun and memorable challenges that you will ever endure. Your team name can signify many things, such as strength, humor, a cause, a place, a company you and your teammates [...]

My iPhone goes with me just about everywhere, especially during my mud run training sessions. Whether I’m trying out new routes, building up my endurance or just looking to share my training progress with my fellow mud run maniacs, I’m more likely than not turning to my iPhone to help get the job done. If [...]

Has the Tough Mudder Funky Monkey defeated each and every one of your experienced monkey bar strategies? Or maybe you’re a newbie mud runner who’s heard that those greased-up monkey bars are just about impossible to conquer. I know the feeling…I too hit the mud several times before finally dominating this childish, yet intimidating event. [...]