Drop-Klick Challenge

Full recap of last month’s “100 Ruckin Mile Challenge” coming soon, but in the interim, I have to say that you guys crushed the hell out of that one! We had over a 100 participants and 55 of you recorded each ruckin’ mile on the Tracker Spreadsheet. Awesome! Really ruckin’ awesome. Patches are coming soon!

This month, we’ll leave the ruck on, but add a little extra weight.


The Drop-Klick Challenge

Can you do 100 push-up non-stop? Can you run a 1,000 meter sprint in under 3:00? Can you do these both with a weighted ruck or vest? The Drop-Klick Challenge is a combination of weighted push-ups (Drop) and a weighted 1,000 meter sprint (Klick). The ultimate purpose is to 1) reach 100 consecutive (non-stop) push-ups and 2) run a 1,000 meter sprint in 3:00 (180 seconds) by May 31st. Each week, we’ll keep track of our progress (max consecutive push-ups and time of 1,000 meter sprint) to calculate a score. At the end of each week, prize(s) will be awarded to the “lowest score”. (See below for how score is calculated.)

Duration of challenge:

May 1-May 31


  • DROP: 100 consecutive (non-stop) ruckin’ push-ups.
  • KLICK: 1,000 meter ruckin’ sprint in 3:00 min (180 seconds).
  • RUCK REQUIREMENT: 150 lbs or less: 2 brick minimum/over 150 lbs: 4 brick minimum


  • Each week, the “lowest score” will win one of four (4) free passes to an upcoming Thunder Challenge – the first obstacle course created, lead and produced by US Special Forces soldiers. Thunder Challenge tests your physical and mental strength against U.S. Special Forces and Navy SEAL training where tough is only the beginning.
  • A few other goodies!
  • Pride and satisfaction 🙂
  • To participate for a prize (or just to be a badass), you must track your daily progress and record your score on the Drop-Klick Challenge Tracker spreadsheet. I’ll post this at the start of the Challenge.


Click to see how scoring works.

To calculate your score:

  • Record your drop: perform your maximum consecutive (non-stop) ruckin’ push-ups and record your total on the chart
  • Record your klick: time your 1,000 meter ruckin’ sprint and record your time on the chart
  • Divide your klick by your drop. This is your score. The lower, the better. Easy.

Example: You perform a total of 50 consecutive push-ups. Your 1,000 meter sprint time = 3:30 or 210 seconds. 210/50 = 4.2. You have a score of 4.2.


Personally, I’ve never trained for either a 1,00o meter dash or 100 consecutive push-ups. If you have experience, please share your tips and tricks with the group. Remember, the lowest score each week will win a prize, so be sure to record your progress each day.


Why not?

Join the Drop-Klick Challenge Group on Facebook!

Special thanks to Thunder Challenge for providing prizes for this EPIC event!

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  • Stevo of Townsville, QLD, Australia Apr 27, 2012, 10:43 pm

    What a beautifully evil mind you possess!! Good thing I like pain!!
    Might be using my webbing for this one if thats OK Paul?!
    Good technique is the key with the push ups, will be interesting to see how many weighted/rucked up ones I can mash out! Better head out to finish some kms off for the Rucking Challenge, might chuck in a few practice ruck up push ups too!
    Cheers you evil genius!

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