Get the 100 Ruckin Mile Challenge Patch

100 Ruckin Mile PatchYou conquered the challenge. Now get your patch.


  • Patches are 3″x2″ (same size as the GORUCK Challenge Patch).
  • Velcro backing
  • Tri-color (red, black, white embroidery) on gray twill.
  • Shipping: Patches are on order and should arrive in the next 3-4 weeks. I’ll ship them to you as soon as they arrive!
  • Cost = $5.00 for pre-orders through October 15, $10 thereafter (includes tax and shipping).
  • Any questions, email:
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  • Jason Cash

    Is there a 100 mile race challenge? If so when and where? I am new to all this but I have a group of people that are training to compete in a lot of these. Ultimately would like to compete with the best at the best.

    • Hi Jason,
      There will DEFINITELY be another 100-Ruckin’ Mile Challenge. I’m afraid it’s not exactly what you might be envisioning, however. The challenge is conducted online, and miles are tracked daily and self-reported (honor system). I should have the next 100 Mile Challenge out by Sept/Oct.

      Thanks for the support and keep training for something epic!
      Stay tuned,

  • Jessica Mesko


  • crystal S


  • crystal S


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