GORUCK Challenge Workout of the Week: “SOPHIE”

Cadre: Lou

The Workout

This workout is for time**, which starts when you begin your first 1/4-mile sprint.

** To complete “for time”, you will need to set a goal (time or reps) for your mountain climbers instead of going “to failure” as indicated below. 


  • 2000 Meters Rowing or 1 Mile Run

How to

Complete 4 rotations of:

  • 1/4-Mile Sprint
  • 20 Burpee to Chin-Up
  • 100-Meter Heavy Bag Carry (simulated buddy carry)
  • 15 Power Clean-to-Military Press (Here’s a a pretty good demo.)
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers to failure (simulated bear crawling)
  • Take a short rest period, then repeat x4.

Key Points

  • Complete warm-up in beginning only.
  • Rest period between rotations is dependent on fitness level.
  • Adjust box jump heights to your fitness level.
  • Adjust weights used to your strength level.

GORUCK Cadre LouAbout Lou:

GORUCK Challenge Cadre Lou has been in the army since George Washington was a private. He’s been on sensitive operations around the globe since Jason (GORUCK Challenge Founder) was still riding his big wheel. He lives in North Carolina and loves watching his kids play sports.




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