GORUCK Challenge WOW: Can Crusher by Cadre Lou

Cadre: Lou

I’m not a certified trainer by any means, so do the best that you can do and have fun with this sh*t. If you like this basic one and want more I’ll post one a step above next time

Can Crusher

Warm-up as needed, then:

  1. 1/4 mile sprint outdoors (or on a treadmill if needed)
  2. 50 push-ups, then tire flips with 350-lb tire x5, then 50 pushups, then flip tire x5 back to start point
  3. Chin-up station: 20 reps burpee to chin-up without kipping
  4. Clean-and-press 110-lbs to front military press to rear squat and rear military press (Totals=10 squats, =20 military presses)
  5. 20 box jumps at 80% of max height
  6. 100 flutter kicks

Take a short rest and drink water. Complete a minimum of 3 rounds.

Key Points

  • I don’t watch my time because with CrossFit you should always be pushing the envelope. I also prefer proper form over being sloppy.
  • Use whatever weight and reps that fit your level of fitness and continue to build yourself up and crush beer cans with your ass cheeks!

Enjoy and keep me posted!

GORUCK Cadre Lou

About Lou:

GORUCK Challenge Cadre Lou has been in the army since George Washington was a private. He’s been on sensitive operations around the globe since Jason (GORUCK Challenge Founder) was still riding his big wheel. He lives in North Carolina and loves watching his kids play sports.




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  • Steve Apr 6, 2012, 7:10 am

    Ohh yeah!
    Beaut stuff, almost like a challenge aint it?!

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