GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2 – “Chesticles”

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2: “Chesticles”
Cadre: Beaux

So if you’re feelin’ froggy then leap…

This week, GRC Cadre Beaux brings us his second installment of last week’s Beaux-Body Plan with a workout guaranteed to get you the chest of a war fighter. Enjoy!

Bigger Chesticles

Let me start by saying never have I ever satisfied so many people with just one “WOW” before – giggity. With that said, I appreciate all the positive feed back, questions, and comments. I even enjoyed the fact some people challenged me. I will verbally spar with anyone who wants to step up. So if you’re feelin’ froggy then leap (Please realize this statement is made in good fun.)

Now its time to talk about what every man likes to look at as well as strengthen: the “CHEST-icles”.

“What’s your bench?” is easily the most standard question you hear to gauge your chest’s strength. As an endurance athlete my whole life, having a killer rack is never something I strive to achieve. My chest is not going to fly away though. I traded brute strength for endurance and my pecs are still noticeable in clothing. “And now its time to pump (CLAP) you up.”

Quick tip: the secret to being a good spotter is helping the person just enough for them to complete the rep.

When doing flat/incline/decline bench, I still want to incorporate 3 sets of 10 (3×10). The only difference is I want your first set to be your normal grip, the second set a wide grip, and your final set a narrow grip. Reason being the wide grip will help with raw strength for the initial push off your chest, and the narrow grip will help you in the final extension of your arms.

Beaux’s Chest Workout

  • Flat Bench 3×10 – This is the must do exercise!
  • Decline Bench 3×10
  • Incline Bench 3×10
  • Fly’s 3×10
  • Cable Crosses 3×10
  • Chest Squeeze’s 3×10 – Warning! Do not grab anyone’s chest. This is a dumbell excercise where you stand up and hold 2 dumbells on your sides, palms facing forward. Rotate the dumbells as if you are trying to get your knuckles to touch, and squeeze your pecs as you rotate your arms in.


  • As always, if you want a little extra cheese do triceps.
  • Now when you plateau or just get board of doing bench, do dumbell press instead. It helps with your stabilizers. Or of course throw in a chest-intensive CrossFit workout.
  • I highly recommend working out with a spotter for two reasons: 1) safety 2) walking away knowing you couldn’t get one more.
  • Quick tip: the secret to being a good spotter is helping the person just enough for them to complete the rep. Don’t go stealing your buddy’s taste of the good life…wait your turn.

Again, it’s your workout. Add/subtract what ever you like. My workouts are designed for you to enjoy coming to the gym, not dread it. Once you develop a taste for the soreness after a workout, you will be hungry for it again.

Now go lift heavy sh*t!

About Beaux:

GRC Cadre BeauxBeaux is a GORUCK Challenge Cadre and a Force Recon Marine with multiple deployments to Iraq behind him. He is a mysterious force who cannot be contained by earthly methods. He showed up for Class 001 of the GORUCK Challenge proclaiming that he wanted to meet the kind of person who would sign up for this kind of thing. Those who have watched ‘Surviving the Cut’ may recognize him for some of the same antics he brings with him to the GORUCK Challenge. Beaux is known for articulating a unique sound and fury, known as Beauxetry, in his WOWs.

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    yo son i miss ya man ima try ur workour i kno i need alot of work but im gettin my life together and loosing weight it wouldnt let me sign up cause kept sayin put email adresss in i did multiple times but it wouldnt work its the same on this comment love ya man miss you

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