GRC-WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 3 – “Spartan Shoulders”

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 3: “Spartan Shoulders”
Cadre: Beaux

This is ALPHA, not OMEGA….

This week, GRC Cadre Beaux brings us the third installment of the Beaux-Body Plan with a workout that will have your shoulders screaming for mercy. Good livin’!

The Beaux-Body Plan Intro and Part 1

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Spartan Shoulders

Let’s get the record straight…

If the ladies really want to know, for me strong is the new skinny. You can learn a lot about a woman by the way she takes care of herself. With that said, if you’re a chick who is fit, don’t go “hatin” on veal-type girls. You don’t have to qualify your sexiness to anyone. If you’re not true to your own “gangsta” anyone you meet will only fall for a fake you, and if you’re not true to yourself, how can you be true to anyone else? Long story short, “shake what your momma gave ya’,” because ladies, the sad reality is men don’t have a 1-10 scale. We work on the binary code: 1’s and 0’s. A 1 we’ll sleep with, a 0 we won’t, but on occasion 0+0+self = 3-giggity. (I’m fully aware that does not mathematically make sense.)

What I will give you is a war-fighters body and the most important muscle group to work on to achieve that body is your mind.

WOW. With that said, let me say that this whole “W.O.W.” thing I’m pleasing everyone with–gigglity. It happened out of chance. I was asked to write a workout for the Mud Run Maniac website by the good people at GRCHQ and told I could be funny. My initial intention was to give people the baseline to weight training with a back workout that I used incorporated into the article. I had no idea that I would enjoy this and that subsequent articles would follow. Let it be known that if you are just starting out by incorporating heavy lifting into your regiment, this is exactly what I did. This is ALPHA, not OMEGA. So if you want to come at me with your 10-pound-studied-kinesiology-at-Harvard-brain, you’re missing the point. (Hat tip to Alex Scott).

What you will get from me is a blueprint as to how to develop a war-fighters body. I am giving you my baseline to hit every muscle group, followed with my diet and mindset. So let me reiterate – I am not a dietitian, nor am I a personal trainer. I will not get you ripped abs nor a contract with Calvin Klein. What I will give you is a war-fighters body and the most important muscle group to work on to achieve that body is your mind. FACT!

Beaux’s Shoulder Workout

  • Clean-n’-Press 3×10 – This is the sh*t you have to do!
  • Arnold press 3×10
  • Shruggz 3×10
  • Shoulder Raises 3×10
  • Bitch Rotator’s 3×10 – 1) Grab light dumbbells facing out at groin level. 2) Rotate them around while lifting up so that you see your knuckles. 3) Slowly rotate back to start.
  • Fridge Openers 3×10 – This is similar to the previous exercise but is executed with the motion of opening a fridge. Keep elbow tight to body!


If you continue to follow this workout plan, we will eventually hit every muscle group, but please be aware this is the baseline. As your strength progresses your workout has to change to stimulate muscle growth. Also, develop your body how you want. This is what I do – it doesn’t mean you have to do it, too. For all I care cross-dress because “baby you were born that way.” (Tip of the hat to Lady Gaga.)

Build your body how you like, but if you want my advice, “go lift heavy sh*t.”

About Beaux:

GRC Cadre BeauxBeaux is a GORUCK Challenge Cadre and a Force Recon Marine with multiple deployments to Iraq behind him. He is a mysterious force who cannot be contained by earthly methods. He showed up for Class 001 of the GORUCK Challenge proclaiming that he wanted to meet the kind of person who would sign up for this kind of thing. Those who have watched ‘Surviving the Cut’ may recognize him for some of the same antics he brings with him to the GORUCK Challenge. Beaux is known for articulating a unique sound and fury, known as Beauxetry, in his WOWs.

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