GRC-WOW: Beaux-Body Plan Part 5: AAAArms!

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 5: “AAAArms!”
Cadre: Beaux

In life there is reputation and honor. A reputation is what others know you as. Honor is what you know yourself as.

This is the fifth and final installment of the Beaux-Body Plan. Follow Beaux’s workout below to get the AAAArms of a war-fighter. 

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Good livin’!

Gettin Giggity.

So I’m sure people have been wondering why it has taken me so long to write a new article. In short, I’m busy as hell, and to compound that busy-factor I had the honor of entertaining two girls for the week from the GORUCK headquarters – no giggity.

“Why the lack of giggity?” one might ask.  Well for starters, it has nothing to do with dipping the pen in the company ink. The answer to such an enigma is both women have boyfriends, and for me to hit on them would show a total lack of respect, because if you cheat on your significant other, well that’s just sh*tty.  You don’t only make a commitment to your partner, but also to yourself.  I was once in the camp that “if you don’t cheat on your girlfriend, then you’re cheating on yourself.” (Of course, growing up I never had a girlfriend.)  The real fact of the matter is if you can’t be honest and faithful, don’t lie to someone. Once you start lying to them, you start lying to yourself and once that begins you lose touch with your inner gangsta. After that there is no you. In life there is reputation and honor. A reputation is what others know you as. Honor is what you know yourself as. So if your honor is out of alignment with who you want to be – get right.

The reality of it is its not that hard to get laid:

  • For men: just pretend you actually care what she has to say. Or, go one step further and actually care what she has to say and treat her like a real person. Women respond to being treated like people.
  • For women: Go out and breathe. Men typically dig that. Or, make a road trip to Marine Corps base Camp Lejuene located in Jacksonville, N.C.

Now, if you’re still in the camp that you can’t get laid, let’s work on the muscle group that will undoubtedly be your new girl/boyfriend. Coincidentally, it’s also a pirate’s favorite muscle group – AAAArms! (Pirate voice)

Whether curls for the girls or bi’s for the guys, it’s up to you. I’m cool either way. I vote libertarian, Ron Paul 2012. The real meat and potatoes of this article is to help you lift heavy sh*t.


Start your progression with:

Curls: 3×10
Hammer Curls: 3×10
Straight Bar Curls: 3×10
Suicide Curls: 3×10/10/10 — this is the sh*t you have to do!
(get a curl-bar do a super set of 10 at 90*-00* then 10 at 180*-90* then do 10 full curls 180*-00*.)

Kick Backs: 3×10
Tri-Extensions: 3×10
Skull Crushers: (with curl bar) super set with narrow grip press- 3×10/10*this is the bitch  you have to do*
French Press: 3×10 (overhead tri-extensions)

Extra Credit
Pull ups: max set
Dips: max set

And if you’re feelin froggy…

  • Suicide tri’s:  go to a cable machine set it high back towards the machine knuckles outboard and do 10 straight ext., then face knuckles inboard and do 10 more. Then face machine and do curls knuckles facing the machine do 10…and finally do 10 more with knuckles facing you. This will burn you out. I usually set the weight at 30lbs and try to do as many rounds of this as possible.


  • It’s crucial to alternate one bi to one tri to give your muscle groups time to refit and re-engage. Remember you can supplement back days with bi’s and chest days with tri’s.
  • For a really quick workout, you can just do as many rounds you can of just suicide curls and suicide tri’s, alternating of course.

In the last five GRC-WOW posts, I have given you the blueprint to build the war-fighters body in the gym. Next step is cardio and diet. If interested, stay tuned for more Beauxetry.

“Now go lift heavy sh*t!”

About Beaux:

GRC Cadre BeauxBeaux is a GORUCK Challenge Cadre and a Force Recon Marine with multiple deployments to Iraq behind him. He is a mysterious force who cannot be contained by earthly methods. He showed up for Class 001 of the GORUCK Challenge proclaiming that he wanted to meet the kind of person who would sign up for this kind of thing. Those who have watched ‘Surviving the Cut’ may recognize him for some of the same antics he brings with him to the GORUCK Challenge. Beaux is known for articulating a unique sound and fury, known as Beauxetry, in his WOWs.

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