GRC-WOW: Diet by Beaux

GRC WOW: “Diet by Beaux”
Cadre: Beaux

This week, GRC-WOW stands for GORUCK Challenge WISDOM of the Week. And who better than our favorite war fighter Beaux to enlighten with his unique GRC Beauxetry?  In the following guideline to DIET, Beaux takes aim and fires at some modern nutrition conventions and explains how to go about your diet the way a warrior would. Enjoy this special edition GRC-WOW from Beaux, and don’t forget to check out his previous contributions and the complete Beaux-Body Plan here:

“Warriors eat at erratic times and never settle down for a comfortable meal…”


Diets work for those who adhere to them. If you want to be a prize-fighter, eat protein and few carbs. If you want to be a fat-ass, eat what you like. But if you want to be a war-fighter, find a balance that allows you to enjoy life and fuel the body.

Diet by BeauxThe Paleo Diet is a way of life not of men, but of models. The people who are strict to the Paleo Diet are personal trainers, models, prize-fighters and anyone who has to be ripped, delicious, and specified to a certain weight.  (Remember, specialization is the road to extinction.) When I go out drinking with my friends who subscribe to this diet, they are absolutely demolished the next day because they deny themselves the nourishment of carbs and booze. So my belief is that you need a balance of protein, drink and carbs.

My diet consists of what my forefathers ate and drank to invade their neighbors in northern Europe. Now I must reiterate that I am not a dietician, personal trainer or anyone who speaks with any authority of health or well-being. I am a drunken gun-fighter. I eat sausage, brats, steak, bacon and sauerkraut .(Actually, sauerkraut mustard and tapatio are quite the holy trinity.) 

I remember one time that I was about to go in my favorite McDonald’s (yes, I realize the lunacy of the statement) but I saw the earthly realization of Jabba the Hut – she sat in her car and ate her food, disposed of her waste, and never left her auto. I realized the Japanese place across the street was the only place I would allow my infant son to eat. That showed me how diet effects your way of life – and the other way around, too.

The truth is, if you truly live the warrior way of life and death, life and death are relative, and you live for the now. Sexual and physical habits are governed by your own morality and diet because there is a consistent lack of true nutrition. Warriors eat at erratic times and never settle down for a comfortable meal, because it leaves them vulnerable. You always snack, and live in a constant state of hunger so that you are always on alert and ready for the next kill.

So eat, drink and be merry.


About Beaux:

GRC Cadre BeauxBeaux is a GORUCK Challenge Cadre and a Force Recon Marine with multiple deployments to Iraq behind him. He is a mysterious force who cannot be contained by earthly methods. He showed up for Class 001 of the GORUCK Challenge proclaiming that he wanted to meet the kind of person who would sign up for this kind of thing. Those who have watched ‘Surviving the Cut’ may recognize him for some of the same antics he brings with him to the GORUCK Challenge. Beaux is known for articulating a unique sound and fury, known as Beauxetry, in his WOWs.

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