Maniac Monday WOD: Leg Warmer

Boot camp is dead. Long live mud run training!

If you’ve been a subscriber for a while than you are familiar with my Maniac Monday Workouts, where each week I provide you with one of my personal workouts to help improve areas of your mud run training. To create workouts, I’ll often piece together a variety of techniques and drills, many that I pull from CrossFit WODs. This week, I’m happy to turn over Maniac Monday to a true CrossFit professional.

Rich Vos, CrossFit Hustle

Rich Vos, Owner & Head Coach, CrossFit Hustle and Northern Kentucky Mud Run Training

Introducing Rich Vos of CrossFit Hustle, Northern Kentucky…

Rich is fellow mudder, a GORUCK veteran and the founder and head coach of CrossFit Hustle. At his facility, Rich not only provides intense CrossFit WODs, he now offers specialized mud run and GORUCK training to help get his clients ready for their next mud run or endurance challenge, such as a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, GRC, or Warrior Dash.

This week, Rich is keeping things nice with a little extra spice.

The Leg Warmer

With a vest or brick bag, complete as many rounds in 10 minutes as possible:
  • 30 Air squats
  • Sprint 200 meters

Before you begin this WOD…

  • Do you know how to do a proper Air Squat? You sure? If you’re in doubt, check the tut out!
  • 200 meters = 218 yards or about two football fields with end zones included.

CrossFit HustleCraving more CrossFit Hustle?

For more WODs from Rich and to check out his awesome facility, visit!

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Meet the Author


Rich Vos is owner and head coach of CrossFit Hustle and Northern Kentucky Mud Run Training. His professional resume includes: CrossFit Level 1 Certification, CrossFit Nutrition Certification, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, CrossFit Strongman Certification, and USAW Sport Performance Level 1 Certification. Rich has served in multiple theaters for the U.S. Army including Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Washington, D.C. and Germany. He's a GORUCK Veteran and bacon is his snack of choice. Check out his full bio here.

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  • Julie Coggshall Mar 19, 2012, 8:56 am


    Hey man, it so good to see you doing something like this. What am inspiration!! When you tried to train me at BOLC, I knew you had something in you to instruct xfit. It’s so nice to see you doing this at such a large level. Good luck with the business. I hope your always doing what you enjoy!! I’m very proud. 🙂

  • Rich Vos Mar 19, 2012, 10:15 am


    Holy moly! What a small internet! Yeah, I’ve had a gym here in Northern Kentucky for more than a year. Livin’ the dream and training people right. Army officer life wasn’t really for me, so I started up my biz and went hard into it. Making connections like Mud Run Maniac is great at getting my name out and providing more people with training for Tough Mudders and GORUCK Challenges.

    Have a good one! Feel free to email or call any time. 🙂

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