Maniac Monday Workout: Killer Crawl Series

Last Friday, I posted the Gator Crawl as the TOTW to help you get through all those low-crawl obstacles unscathed, like barbed wire, muddy tunnels, and rock-ridden crags and crevices. In today’s Maniac Monday Workout, we’ll take this a few steps further with the Killer Crawl Series.

Crawls take your breath away. But doing them often will build-up your lungs like no other activity.

While it may seem a bit strange, maybe even primitive, to revert back to our infant years and practice how to crawl, I can tell you this–you will use these techniques in your mud run. There are also some really great benefits to crawling aside from getting up-close and personal with the earth, including: improved agility, greater flexibility, and strengthening of the core, shoulders, chest and arms and legs. With the Killer Crawl Series, you will also add a primal spin to your cardiovascular conditioning. It’s a total body routine, but more importantly, it’s a great mud run training workout. Here’s a few added benefits of crawling:

  1. Total body experience and education. Because crawl exercises incorporate your entire body, you may actually learn a few things about yourself. Pay attention to muscle tightness, joint pain and other signs of soreness as you go through your crawls. You might discover an area that needs a bit of work or R.I.C.E.
  2. Crawls make you limber. I use minimal stretching before my crawl workouts, mainly because crawling really does the stretching for you. Whether or not this is your method, the bottom line is that crawling workouts will ultimately make you feel loose, limber and ready to go about your day. Crawls are also a great warm-up for your other workouts.
  3. Crawls take your breath away. But doing them often will build-up your lungs like no other activity. Whereas other exercises focus on a few main muscle groups, crawls involve your legs, core, and upper body, which will greatly improve your lung power. Crawls also take quite a bit of concentration, especially as you tire. Perfect for those long mud run courses.
  4. Crawls will prepare you for the unexpected. An icy mountain, a slippery slope, barbed wire, a dark tunnel…the ability to transition from a run to a crawl will give you confidence and help you move through obstacles with ease.

Killer Crawl Series

How to: A few jumping jacks and light stretching is all you need. Start slow at first and build up speed as you perfect each exercise. If performing outdoors, be sure to check your workout area for sharp objects such as rocks or glass.

Complete 2-4 cycles of the following:

  • 20 Yard Bear Crawl Forward/Reverse
  • 20 Yard Bear Crawl Lateral (Left/Right)
  • 20 Yard Crab Crawl Forward/Reverse
  • 20 Yard Crab Crawl Lateral (Left/Right)
  • 20 Yard Caterpillar Crawl Forward/Reverse
  • 20 Yard Caterpillar Crawl Lateral (Left/Right)
  • 20 Yard Gator Crawl Forward/Reverse
  • 20 Yard Gator Crawl Lateral (Left/Right)

Rest 2 minutes rest between each cycle. Check out the YouTube video below for a demo of each crawl.

Bonus Maniac Challenge: Complete on sand for time and improve your time each cycle.

Next week’s Maniac Monday Workout: Five Miles of Smiles (including the aforementioned “street gymnastics“)

Mud Run Maniac wants to know what you think! Do you use crawl exercises in your mud run training? What other obstacles do crawls help you prepare for? Please no spam-mongers. Keep mudding!

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