Maniac Monday Workout: Muscle Up!


I recently added the CrossFit favorite “muscle-up” into my repertoire. The muscle-up basically involves a pull-up followed by a dip in which you perform the dip above the pull-up bar. If you’re having trouble finding the strength to muscle-up over the bar, you can try a few different methods, like swinging, substituting jumping muscle-ups or using steps or blocks for assistance. For an incredibly detailed tutorial on the muscle-up check out this great article from the guys at Beast Skill.

One way you can boost your muscle-up performance is to practice your regular pull-ups and dips with a weight-vest, weighted ruck, or weighted chain. Once you can hit 20 reps of pull-ups or dips with extra weight, you’ll find that you will have a much easier time muscling-up. The muscle-up is the perfect move for mud run training, specifically for all the climbing obstacles and the infamous “Funky Monkey“.

In today’s Maniac Monday, practice the muscle-up, or if you already have it down, complete 5 muscle-ups instead of practice:

Complete 3 sets of:

  • 800 meter sprint (~ half mile)
  • Muscle-up practice (or 5 reps if you have your muscle-up)
  • 2:00 minute max incline sprint
  • Muscle-up practice (or 5 reps if you have your muscle-up)

More maniacal?

Use a weighted vest or a GORUCK.

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