Maniac Monday Workout: Street Olympics

This week’s Maniac Monday Workout is one of my favorites. Introducing: Street Olympics (5 Miles of Smiles).

Street Olympics will take you back to your youth when the act of running and jumping around wasn’t a workout, it was a way of life.

Before you begin this workout, I want you to think back to when you were a kid. Remember, how you would run up and down your block with your neighborhood friends, hop over cracks in the sidewalk, leap up to slap street signs, and balance along a long length of curb? Well, this week, it’s time to be a kid again! By going back to the basics with a combination of running and plyometrics, Street Olympics will take you back to your youth when the act of running and jumping around wasn’t a workout, it was a way of life.

Aside from an incredibly fun workout, here’s some of the major benefits:

  • Test/improve stamina
  • Increase jumping ability and power
  • Increase explosive speed
  • Improve agility
  • Improve coordination
  • Strengthen and tone leg muscles
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system

Street Olympics (5 Miles of Smiles)
Scroll down to view my demo on YouTube!

To perform:
Head out for a 5 mile run at around 80-85% of your 5k pace. For the entire 5 miles, perform continuous cycles of 10 hurdles, 10 high jumps, 10 balance beams with 2-minute breaks (running only) between each cycle.

  • Hurdles: Hurdle over storm drains, cracks in the sidewalk, parking spaces, puddles, fire hydrants, etc. If it’s in your way and you can jump it, go for it!
  • Running High Jumps: This is a great plyometric exercise that will familiarize you with leaping high, landing softly and maintaining your balance. Be sure to alternate your feet with each jump, reach with your hand as you leap up to try to get as high as you can, and do your best to land gently on the balls of your feet. Hit high jumps between telephone poles, aim for street signs, or high jump on and off park benches.
  • Balance Beams (or Tight Rope): This is ideal (but not totally necessary) if you run along roads that are lined with curbs. You simply, hop on the curb as you run and try to stay on the curb as long as you can. As you run, keep your arms out to the side for balance and try to pick up your speed as you go. If you make it through the entire stretch of a curb, hit a running high jump or hurdle at the end to jump back to the street. You can also perform these on a track or soccer field by running along the lane lines or boundary lines.

Bonus challenge: Complete while wearing a weighted vest or weighted ankle weights or while carrying a small set of kettle bells or dumbbells.

Mud Run Maniac wants to know what you think! What kind of obstacles and challenges do you look for while you run? What other topics or exercises would you like to see featured in Maniac Monday Workouts? Please no spam-mongers. Keep mudding!

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