Join the Mud Mob!

Ask yourself:

Are you addicted to mud running?

Do you love telling your friends and family about your filthy fun in the mud?

Have a knack for writing, photography, or capturing a story?

Join the Mud Mob!

What’s the heck is the Mud Mob?

The Mud Mob is the Mud Run Maniac version of a “street team” except we’re not interested in marketing ourselves nearly as much as we are interested in getting the word out about mudding! As a member of the Mud Mob, you’ll participate in a mud run, write-up a sweet review and contribute it to the Mud Run Maniac website. If you have photos or videos to go along, even better! If you are an incredible writer…well that’s hole-in-one!

How does it work?

Couldn’t be more simple. Write up your article and package it up with whatever photos and/or video you have. Include a short bio (150-300 words) and nice muddy photo of yourself. If you have a website be sure to send over the URL and site description as well. Send to:

If your article is published on the Mud Run Maniac site, congratulations are in order, because you’re now an Official Mud Mobber! That’s not all…after your article is published, you’ll get:

  • Backlinks to your website or webpage.
  • A contributor bio on the site with your photo.
  • Free traffic from thousands of mud run maniacs directly to your site!

What’s the point?

Well, the way I see it, there’s a lot of random sites and posts on the web about mud run events, which makes them really hard to find. With mud running rapidly gaining ground, more and more people want to learn about this awesome phenomena. And what better way to learn about mud running than to read a first-hand review, by you, the real-life Mud Run Maniac! Help spread the good word about mud running…Join the Mud Mob today!