Maniac Monday Workout: HIIT It!

Typically, I’ll incorporate at least one day a week of High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) into my mud run training schedule. HIIT workouts focus mostly on speed and sprint bursts and will really boost your overall performance and provide an efficient way to burn fat. During a HITT workout, you’ll generally burn up to 9 times more fat than a similar cardio workout.

The Tabata Method

I find the Tabata Method to be one of the most effective types of HIIT. Lasting only 4 minutes, a Tabata interval is incredibly short, but very intense. A Tabata interval follows this structure (see chart):

  • Max sprint for 20 seconds (high-intensity)
  • Rest for 10 seconds (or low-intensity)
  • Repeat 8 times
The key to an effective Tabata session is to make sure you put in a maximum effort during the high-intensity durations. To manage your timing, pick up an Interval Timer app like this one.

HIIT IT! – The Workout

In the following Maniac Monday Workout, I included 5 separate Tabata Intervals that will test your sprinting strength and ability and your lateral agility.
Warm Up: 10 full squats (no weight), 10 high knees, 10 burpees


Interval 1: Cone Sprints

Align two cones about 20 yards apart. Sprint to cone A, touch, pivot, sprint to cone B. Repeat for 20 seconds (I can usually get 4 sprints in 20 sec). Rest for 10 seconds by bouncing in place. Repeat 8 times.






Interval 2: Lunge to Sprint

Align three cones about 10 yards apart (20 yards total distance). Complete walking lunges to middle cone. Once you reach middle cone, hit a sprint to far cone. Make a short pivot/turn around far cone, then sprint back through start until 20 seconds expires. Rest for 10 seconds with light jumping jacks. Repeat 8 times.





3. Lateral agility sprints

Align 4 cones about 1-2 yards apart between 2 cones that are aligned about 20 yards apart. Sprint to 4 cones, then side-step (zig-zag) through the cones. As you exit the zig-zag portion, sprint to far cone, touch, pivot, and repeat in opposite direction. Repeat for 20 seconds (I can usually get in at least 2 or so in 20 sec). Rest for 10 seconds by lightly jogging in place. Repeat 8 times.





4. Karaoke to Sprint

Arrange 4 cones in a square about 15-20 yards apart. Karaoke (lead with right foot) to cone. When you reach the cone, sprint diagonally across the center of the square. When you reach the corner, karaoke (lead with left foot) to cone. When you reach the cone, sprint again diagonally across the center of the square. Keep sprinting through the finish until 20 seconds has expired. Repeat 8 times.




5. V-Ups with Medicine Ball

Lie on the ground and hold a small (3kg) medicine ball overhead with your arms extended. Hit as many V-Ups as you can in 20 seconds by touching the medicine ball to your toes. Lie on your back and lightly push-toss the medicine ball during your 10-second rest periods. Repeat 8 times.

More maniacal?

Use a weighted vest or a GORUCK with a gripper plate, bricks or weights and/or do the workout on an incline.

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