10 Essential iPhone Apps for Mud Run Training

Mud Run Training iPhone Apps

My iPhone goes with me just about everywhere, especially during my mud run training sessions. Whether I’m trying out new routes, building up my endurance or just looking to share my training progress with my fellow mud run maniacs, I’m more likely than not turning to my iPhone to help get the job done. If you’re like me and enjoy a little tech spice sprinkled on your mud run training, then these 10 iPhone apps are just what you need.

  1. iMapMyRun
    Price: Free!
    This app is fun and simple to use. Basically, you go for a run and iMapMyRun will let you save and track your results and post your run to Facebook or Twitter. The app features GPS tracking for mud run training route mapping, a historical training log, and makes it very easy to record your time, pace and splits.
  2. Endomondo Sports Tracker – Endomondo.com
    Price: Free!
    If you are a mud run maniac, then you enjoy not only the challenge of mud running, but also the camaraderie. The Endomondo app the perfect social tool for sharing your mud run training runs with your friends and family in real time. This robust app uses GPS to track your workouts for distance, duration, speed and/or calories and allows you to automatically share your progress on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Best of all, your friends and mud run training partners can give you live pep-talks during your run via text message which is then read aloud to you seconds later. The pay-Pro version ($3.99) provides all the same features plus an audio coach to help you reach your fitness goals. Hot tip!This app will drain your iPhone battery pretty fast…keep your portable charger nearby.
  3. Deck of Cards Workout – Six Sided Studio
    Price: Free!
    You’ve probably heard of the Deck of Cards workout where you assign an exercise to each suit and the card number represents the number of reps you must crank out before moving to the next card. Now you can do the same thing through this easy-to-use iPhone app. This is the free version, which will allow you to customize one deck of cards (or one workout) only. You can however edit the workout as often as you like and select from 3 different fitness levels. Upgrade to the Pro version for $2.99 to get unlimited customizable decks.
  4. C25K (Couch to 5K) – Bluefin Software, LLC
    Price: $2.99
    If you are gearing up to go from sitting around the house straight to your first mud run, then this app can really help you get the ball rolling with your mud run training. Featured on ABC News, C25K provides a unique and effective program to get you in shape for a 5K in 9 weeks. The app keeps track of your progress through a simple interface and allows you to listen to your own music as you run. Again, most useful for beginners, but seriously effective.
  5. Primal Nutrition – Mark’s Daily Apple
    Price: $0.00
    Primal Blueprint Guru Mark Sisson changed my life. He is a leader in primal/paleo circles and dedicated to providing great nutrition, diet and fitness advice as we strive for the ultimate primal lifestyle. This is his app, which provides awesome articles, posts, videos and other features from his website www.marksdailyapple.com. Don’t ask questions, just download it!
  6. FitDeck – FitDeck, Inc.
    Price: $9.99
    FitDeck takes the “Deck of Cards” workout a few steps further. Created by a Navy Seal, the app boasts a “proven, wildly popular exercise system” that creates workouts for you. As legit as it gets for an iPhone app, FitDeck provides clear illustrations, instructions and a wide variety of workouts for a wide variety of fitness levels.
  7. Yoga STRETCH – Neil Harris
    Price: $0.99
    Including Yoga or other relaxation techniques into your training can play a large role in keeping you calm as you attempt to conquer some of the most intimidating mud run obstacles like Walk-the-Plank. This app is probably best suited for somewhat experienced Yogis, but will certainly work for novices alike. It allows you to customize your Yoga session with your own music while visually taking you through a great mix of poses. For more instruction, just keep the music down and the app will guide you through.
  8. Hundred PushUps – SoftwareX
    Price: $0.99
    This app will help keep you on track with increasing your pushups with logs and graphs and several different pushup programs. Keeps track of your daily and grand totals and provides useful tips for improving your form.
  9. Fifty Pullups – SoftwareX
    Price: $1.99
    If you really want to conquer the Funky Monkey, then this app is for you. The app first gives you a fitness test to gauge where you are at before it calculates your workouts. As you build your strength, your pull-up exercise will increase in variety and difficulty. Includes an easy-to-use interface, countdown clock and audible alarm settings. As a bonus, you can download a free badge for your website after you complete the 100 pushup challenge!
  10. In a Pinch Free – Mindful Apps, LLC
    Price: Free
    This app is amazing and the fact that it’s free makes it that much better. Self-diagnose soreness from everyday activities like working-out. This app will guide you through detailed breathing and stretching techniques to alleviate your pain and soreness. Awesome for post-mud run training sessions. Download it now and thank me later!

Mud Run Maniac wants to hear from you! What apps do you use for your mud run training? How else do you add variety and spice to your training? Share your thoughts below.

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