Mud Run Training Log: 10-24-11

54 Days until World’s Toughest Mudder


  • Cage free scrambled eggs with fresh mozzarella
  • Side of fresh strawberries
  • Coffee with organic whole milk
  • Small glass of orange juice


  • Apple
  • Handful (or two) of raw cashews
  • H20


  • Sauteed chicken cutlets (coated in ground flaxseed & walnuts and spices) served over a big ass salad – spicy organic tomato basil dressing
  • 1 Otter Creek Oktoberfest


  • Coffee with whole milk


    • 2 Boxing Tabata Sets: Switch from Speed, Combination, and Power drills for each (20 sec each drill, rest for 10, repeat 8x)
    • 2 Tabata Sets of Heavy Bag runs (toss heavy bag on shoulder, run for 20, rest for 10, switch shoulder, repeat x8)
    • 1 Set Heavy bag squats (heavy bag on back crucifix-style)
    • 1 set free chain pull-ups (straight curl bar attached to chain hanging from ceiling)

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Mud Run Maniac

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