Mud Run Training Log: 11-07-11



  • Cage free eggs over easy
  • Banana
  • Small glass of orange juice
  • Coffee with organic whole milk



      • Seasoned grilled salmon over spinach salad with walnuts, dried berries, red onions, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette
      • H2O


      • Small piece dark chocolate
      • Coffee with organic whole milk


    • Tabata Workout (20 sec on/10 sec rest):
    • x8 Free Chain pullups & core hangs
    • x8 Jump Rope
    • x8 Burpees
    • x8 Handstands
    • Nighttime 5K

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Mud Run Maniac
Mud Run Maniac

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  • Bobby Nov 11, 2011, 9:34 pm

    I am interested in your diet. It does not seem like you eat alot. Now exra ptotein shakes either

    • Mud Run Maniac Mud Run Maniac Nov 11, 2011, 11:17 pm

      Hi Bobby,
      Thanks for your question. I’ll be the first to admit my diet isn’t perfect, but it seems to work well with my lifestyle. I try to follow the Primal Blueprint as best as I can, but I definitely get off-course a bit at times. That being said, I think my training logs are a bit misleading because I don’t include my portion sizes. While I might skip or eat little for lunch 3-4/days a week, I never skimp on breakfast or dinner. I typically start my day with 2-3 eggs, along with whatever veggies are left over from the night before and/or fruit. I’ll also add in extra servings of protein and fat, such as leftover steak, pork chops, bacon, avocado, etc. That keeps me satisfied throughout the day most times, but when I do get hungry, I’ll toss down some cashews or macadamias, some full fat Greek yogurt, veggies, berries or other fruit, soup, or a small salad. My schedule allows me to trade my lunch for a workout session, hence another reason why I’ve grown accustomed to light lunches. For dinner, I eat a lot of protein, fat and veggies. Food like fresh fish, organic chicken, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, avacados, bacon, and leafy greens like red leaf lettuce, kale or chard are all staples of my diet. Really, in terms of portion size, I likely eat the same or more than the average person, just without the bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. Like I said, it works for me, but may not be the easiest transition for everyone. I’ve been transitioning to a more primal lifestyle for the past year and the more I learn, the easier and more rewarding it gets. I eat when I’m hungry, I have a lot of energy, and maintaining an active lifestyle has been no problem. Also, my cholesterol levels are well within a healthy range and my triglycerides are low enough to put me in a preventative state against conditions like heart disease and diabetes. I should also mention that Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint along with Gary Taubes’ Why We Get Fat have been my two major influences that pointed me in this direction. Both great reads if you are interested.

      Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions and thanks again for checking in!

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