Mud Run Training Tip of the Week: Crawl Like a Bear

mud run training bear crawlHey Mudder, you’re an animal…so act like one!

Mud run events and mud run training are some of the most primal activities we will ever put ourselves through. Think about it…we bond with the earth and the elements, we rely on instinct and survival skills, and we hunt with fellow mudders toward our prey – that heavenly finish-line brew! However, it’s more than just mud pits and microbrews that bring us back to our primordial roots. It’s also the way we will mimic animal-like movements in order to get through obstacles. More specifically, in your next mud run, you are bound to come face to face with obstacles that will force you to pretend that you are a bear. The bear crawl is an essential movement that you will need to get past rock-ridden tunnels, low-hanging wires, or steep inclines. It will also save your knees and elbows from damaging wear and tear. When performed correctly as part of your regular mud run training, the bear crawl movement will help strengthen your chest, arms, legs, and core and will greatly improve your overall conditioning. Caution: This exercise may cause family, friends and strangers to look at you funny. Not to fret – you’re a mud run maniac! Now go find some open space and hit your best Corduroy impression.

Bonus tip:

Before your next workout, try warming up with a few bear crawls to loosen your joints and muscles and give yourself a total body stretch.


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