Top Eight Most Outrageous Mud Run Outfits

mudrun_suit8. Suit and Tie

Hitting the mud run trail after a long day at work? Why not sport your best blue blazer and khakis, complete with skinny tie and cuff links? This strictly business look is the ultimate overdressed obstacle racing outfit. The Mad-Men mudman look never gets old in our book.

superhero17. Superhero

Conquering a mud run can make you feel like a superhero, so why not dress like one? Whether deep down you’re a Hulk, Wonder Woman, or Incredible, a mud run is the perfect opportunity to let your alter ego shine through. As a bonus, you might even get a chance to save a fellow mudder. What a photo-op!

sumo6. Sumo Wrestler

Looking to add misery to your mud run and look as ridiculous as possible? Then throw on a sumo wrestler costume on race day. This ensemble will no doubt add a new level of difficulty to obstacles like tunnels, tires, and anything involving climbing, carrying, and/or water.

goruck5. Weighted Ruck

As if a mud run isn’t tough enough, the true glutton for punishment finds a new level of pleasure high-stepping through the muck with a pack full of bricks on his back. These crazy mutha’s are the true elite of the obstacle race community. Looking to get your ruck on, sign up for a GoRuck Challenge.

waldo4. Where’s Waldo?

As a world traveler and time travel aficionado who always dresses in red and white, Waldo (aka: Wally) defines the adventure-seeker in us all. Spotting Waldo on a packed mud run course never fails to make me feel like a kid again. The candy-striped getup can transform guys and gals alike into this classic crowd-pleaser.

barefoot3. Barefoot

Unless you’re a well-trained minimalist runner, taking on a mud run barefoot is a risky proposition. The typical mud run course can span rocky terrain, dirt trails, and pavement. If this doesn’t leave you craving your favorite pair of Nike’s, mistiming your jump over a fire obstacle will certainly do the trick.

2. Bikini

For the brave and beautiful, the bikini provides little in terms of protective covering, but has a lot to offer for those looking for (or looking at) the ultimate dirty girl ensemble.

manthong1. Man Thong

At some point, running a mud run in a g-string was an original idea. Nowadays, it’s a lot less surprising to see a full-on gluteus maximus display along the course, yet there’s still something endearing about bouncing man cheeks covered in mud and magic marker. Keep up the good work dudes!


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