Lessons on Good Livin’: Inside the GRHQ with Sophie Pollitt-Cohen No.2

Road rules.

At GRHQ, we spend a lot of time on the road. I think it says something really great about this operation that we all travel together – in very close quarters – and still love hanging out. Otherwise that’d get awkward fast. Here are some travel tips I’ve learned along the way.

Stay Organized. Even when you’re nowhere near a desk or anything remotely resembling an office.

Jasons receipts

Make any occasion a celebration.

Ascent Cake

Take all opportunities to get classy in the city…

…and appreciate nature in the country.


Always be prepared for the rare moment of downtime.

GORUCK Card Game

Get comfortable with zero personal space…

…especially if you’re with Java.


But know how to take space if you need it.

GORUCK Camping

And whatever you do, always take Brian’s instructions very seriously.

Brian Shooting practice

GORUCK Challenge

Meet the Author


GORUCK Cadre with backgrounds in Special Operations lead every GORUCK Challenge class from start to finish. Individuals start the Challenge, a team finishes the Challenge. Together. The Challenge is hiring. You’re probably a good fit if you love to drink beer, have a background in Special Operations, and hate the thought of being a drill sergeant. The Challenge is elite training, not basic training. Visit GORUCK Challenge to start Good Livin' now.

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