bear crawl

Hey Mudder, you’re an animal…so act like one! Mud run events and mud run training are some of the most primal activities we will ever put ourselves through. Think about it…we bond with the earth and the elements, we rely on instinct and survival skills, and we hunt with fellow mudders toward our prey – [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: Hill Hell

Wanna build some mud run muscle in your legs without hitting the leg press or squat machine? Try steep hill sprints for a short and intense max-effort workout. The Benefits of Steep Hill Sprints: Strengthen running muscles Prevent running injuries Increase running efficiency Shed fat Increase overall running speed More fun that flat land sprints [...]

Mud Run Training Log: 10-14-11

Breakfast: Shrimp and brie cheese omelet (cage-free eggs) cooked in bacon fat Coffee with organic whole milk 2 slices bacon fresh raspberries Lunch IF = Intermittent Fasting (check out Primal Blueprint for more info) Water only Small serving dark chocolate! Dinner Grilled organic spatchcock chicken (awesome way to cook chicken) Big ass spinach salad with [...]