Why would anyone do this? That’s a good question. It didn’t take long. It happened during the “Welcome Party.” We were less than an hour into what would turn out to be an 11 hour-long ordeal…but after 45 minutes of lunges, commando crawls and breakneck “bounding overwatch” 3-5 second sprint drills (on your feet – [...]

Climbing the Goddamn Wall

About a month ago, I stopped blogging. I stopped posting on Facebook, I stopped Tweeting, I stopped engaging with you, the Mud Run Maniac community. I just stopped. I shut down. I hit my wall. We’ve all been there, at the wall. At Tough Mudder, I’ve stared that sucker down until I KNOW 100% I [...]

You conquered the challenge. Now get your patch. Details: Patches are 3″x2″ (same size as the GORUCK Challenge Patch). Velcro backing Tri-color (red, black, white embroidery) on gray twill. Shipping: Patches are on order and should arrive in the next 3-4 weeks. I’ll ship them to you as soon as they arrive! Cost = $5.00 [...]

Drop-Klick Challenge

Full recap of last month’s “100 Ruckin Mile Challenge” coming soon, but in the interim, I have to say that you guys crushed the hell out of that one! We had over a 100 participants and 55 of you recorded each ruckin’ mile on the Tracker Spreadsheet. Awesome! Really ruckin’ awesome. Patches are coming soon! [...]

100 Ruckin’ Miles Challenge

Holy moly mackeroly! In March, we killed our upper bodies by repeating the infamous “burpee” 5,000 freakin’ times. This month, prepare to test your lower-half. The Challenge: Run 100 Ruckin’ Miles. Are you serious? Yes, well, I don’t know. It’s worth a try. I think a lot of you probably run close to or more [...]

I didn’t get a chance to participate in a mud run or challenge last month, so I really want to start-off March on a positive note. I’m set to run the ABF 10K Mud Run March 31 and from working with the incredibly dedicated founder, Chad Mason, I know it’s going to be an epic event. [...]

Over-Gaming I approached my first GORUCK Challenge like I would any endurance event. I prepared. I ran for miles with a weighted back pack. I practiced burpees, bear crawls and pull-ups. I spent hours on Facebook researching cold-weather gear, looking at pictures from previous GRC’s, and trying to figure out the best way to tape [...]