Cadre: Lou I’m not a certified trainer by any means, so do the best that you can do and have fun with this sh*t. If you like this basic one and want more I’ll post one a step above next time Can Crusher Warm-up as needed, then: 1/4 mile sprint outdoors (or on a treadmill [...]

This week, Rich Vos, founder and head coach of CrossFit Hustle, is back to bring you another Maniac Monday WOD named after one of my favorite Fugazi songs: Repeater Complete 5 Rounds for time: 5 Squat Cleans @ 155 10 Pull-ups 20 Double-Unders Before you begin this WOD… Do you know how to do a [...]

Boot camp is dead. Long live mud run training! If you’ve been a subscriber for a while than you are familiar with my Maniac Monday Workouts, where each week I provide you with one of my personal workouts to help improve areas of your mud run training. To create workouts, I’ll often piece together a [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: Ruck Runner

Ruckin’ and Rollin’ I’m really getting used to working-out with a weighted pack (ruck). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always use a 25-lb gripper plate, sometimes I’ll just toss in a 10 or a few 5’s or just workout with all the sh*t I have in my bag that day. But ever since I [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: Muscle Up!

Muscle-up! I recently added the CrossFit favorite “muscle-up” into my repertoire. The muscle-up basically involves a pull-up followed by a dip in which you perform the dip above the pull-up bar. If you’re having trouble finding the strength to muscle-up over the bar, you can try a few different methods, like swinging, substituting jumping muscle-ups [...]

It’s been a few weeks since my last Maniac Monday Workout post, so I just want to thank you for your patience while I’ve been away. I hope you’ve been setting your goals and lining up a plan for challenging yourself in 2012. I shared some of my own goals with you in my last [...]