Need a mud run training change? Tired of bear crawls, burpees and pull-ups? Looking for a fresh way to hit your sprints away from the treadmill? In today’s Maniac Monday Mud Run Training Workout, we’re going to shake things up a bit by borrowing some drills from a few different sports, all of which you [...]

TOTW: Cold Water Torture

Last week’s nor’easter reminded us all that winter is a lot closer than we think. Hibernators will soon be snuggled up in layers of wool blankets and fleece sweatshirts, struggling to keep the chill in the air from reaching the slightest sliver of skin. But mud run maniacs are not hibernators. Instead, we not only [...]

It’s a cool autumn night a few days before Halloween. Ryan’s NIKE+ application sends an update to his Facebook status, “I just finished my run. Distance: 13.2 miles.” A few days later, another status update, “(sandy) hill repeats, 4.38 miles.” A glutton for punishment. Ryan Erdei, 31, of the Jersey Shore, has been addicted to [...]

This past Sunday, the NFL lost yet another player, Jeff Cumberland (TE) for the NY Jets to an Achilles tendon tear. Sure, Cumberland certainly isn’t the most recognizable name in the NFL, but what is recognizable is the exorbitant amount of Achilles injuries that have already plagued the 2011 season, unofficially ten in preseason alone, [...]

A short Mud Run Maniac anecdote…(scroll down to skip to the goods)…I remember one summer my parents drove me to a two-week wrestling camp in World’s End, PA. The camp was literally on the top of a mountain, to the point where the car was crawling in second gear to get up to the grounds. [...]