I was going through some of my older posts when I recently came across my GORUCK Challenge Review from last year’s Class 093 in Washington, DC. Whether you’ve already signed-up or contemplating challenging yourself with some good livin’, you’ve probably started to consider what gear you’ll need to survive the night. When I signed up, [...]

Join  ruckin maniacs in the 100 Ruckin Mile Challenge! It’s baaaack! Welcome to the second edition of the 100 Ruckin Mile Challenge. This goal of this challenge is to ruck with bricks for the month of October and to reach a minimum total of 100 miles by the end of the month. If you never rucked [...]

Why would anyone do this? That’s a good question. It didn’t take long. It happened during the “Welcome Party.” We were less than an hour into what would turn out to be an 11 hour-long ordeal…but after 45 minutes of lunges, commando crawls and breakneck “bounding overwatch” 3-5 second sprint drills (on your feet – [...]

Show Some Love for GORUCK

I have a small favor to ask… GORUCK founder, Jason McCarthy, has posed an epic challenge to members of the GORUCK Tough family: Why you should help GORUCK reach 20K fans. GORUCK is an American company founded by Green Beret Jason McCarthy that manufactures the highest quality military-grade rucks (backpacks) along with other gear built [...]

Drop-Klick Challenge

Full recap of last month’s “100 Ruckin Mile Challenge” coming soon, but in the interim, I have to say that you guys crushed the hell out of that one! We had over a 100 participants and 55 of you recorded each ruckin’ mile on the Tracker Spreadsheet. Awesome! Really ruckin’ awesome. Patches are coming soon! [...]

Cadre: Lou I’m not a certified trainer by any means, so do the best that you can do and have fun with this sh*t. If you like this basic one and want more I’ll post one a step above next time Can Crusher Warm-up as needed, then: 1/4 mile sprint outdoors (or on a treadmill [...]

100 Ruckin’ Miles Challenge

Holy moly mackeroly! In March, we killed our upper bodies by repeating the infamous “burpee” 5,000 freakin’ times. This month, prepare to test your lower-half. The Challenge: Run 100 Ruckin’ Miles. Are you serious? Yes, well, I don’t know. It’s worth a try. I think a lot of you probably run close to or more [...]

GRC WOW: “Diet by Beaux” Cadre: Beaux This week, GRC-WOW stands for GORUCK Challenge WISDOM of the Week. And who better than our favorite war fighter Beaux to enlighten with his unique GRC Beauxetry?  In the following guideline to DIET, Beaux takes aim and fires at some modern nutrition conventions and explains how to go [...]

GRC WOW: Bodyweight Philosophy: Part 2 Cadre: Patrick This week, Cadre Patrick brings us the second installment of his awesome Bodyweight Philosophy, which is focused on getting the most out of your body by using your body. In case you missed Part 1, check it out here. Enjoy good livin’ brought to you by Cadre [...]

I didn’t get a chance to participate in a mud run or challenge last month, so I really want to start-off March on a positive note. I’m set to run the ABF 10K Mud Run March 31 and from working with the incredibly dedicated founder, Chad Mason, I know it’s going to be an epic event. [...]

GRC WOW: Bodyweight Philosophy: Part 1 Cadre: Patrick This week, I’d like to introduce you to GORUCK Cadre Patrick. While I have yet to meet Patrick, I can totally attest for his workout style, which focuses on getting the most out of your body by using your body. Using your own bodyweight is an awesome [...]

No time to waste. Time to haste. Throughout the week, I’ll typically workout during my hour lunch break. Some days, however, I’m sure to have more or less time than others. If you’re short on time, but want to hit most of your major muscle groups and get a killer cardio workout, then check this [...]

GRC-WOW: Cardieaux

GRC WOW: “Cardieaux” Cadre: Beaux Cardieaux is a complementary cardio workout to the Beaux-Body Plan to help you develop a body as hard as wood-pecker lips. You can check out the full Beaux-Body Plan here: The Beaux-Body Plan Intro and Part 1 The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2: Chesticles The Beaux-Body Plan Part 3: Spartan-Shoulders The [...]

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 5: “AAAArms!” Cadre: Beaux In life there is reputation and honor. A reputation is what others know you as. Honor is what you know yourself as. This is the fifth and final installment of the Beaux-Body Plan. Follow Beaux’s workout below to get the AAAArms of a war-fighter.  And if [...]

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 4: “Grunt Legz” Cadre: Beaux The foundation to everything is found at the bottom. This week, get ready to crush your legz with the fourth installment of the Beaux-Body Plan: Grunt Legz.  And if you missed any of Beaux’s previous workouts, check out the series here: The Beaux-Body Plan Intro [...]

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 3: “Spartan Shoulders” Cadre: Beaux This is ALPHA, not OMEGA…. This week, GRC Cadre Beaux brings us the third installment of the Beaux-Body Plan with a workout that will have your shoulders screaming for mercy. Good livin’! The Beaux-Body Plan Intro and Part 1 The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2: Chesticles -Paul [...]

Over-Gaming I approached my first GORUCK Challenge like I would any endurance event. I prepared. I ran for miles with a weighted back pack. I practiced burpees, bear crawls and pull-ups. I spent hours on Facebook researching cold-weather gear, looking at pictures from previous GRC’s, and trying to figure out the best way to tape [...]

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