grip strength

In my mud run training, I’m always looking for new ways to get the job done. Recently, I added sandbags into my workouts and the benefits go unmatched when it comes to training for strength, endurance and power. A sandbag is a cheap and effective training aid that is, well, awkward to lift. You can [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: The Smith 300

This workout combines the benefits of the Smith machine with a modified 300 workout that will get your blood pumping and prepare you for some common mud run obstacles. The Smith Machine: Every gym has at least one Smith machine – a piece of equipment used primarily for weight training that consists of a barbell [...]

So, I was in the gym today working on my mud run training (check out my training log here), which included a set of towel pull-ups for grip strength to end my workout. One of the trainers spotted me working on my towel pull-ups and said he wanted me to try something. He threw these [...]

This week’s Maniac Monday workout combines a few unconventional elements and exercises to prepare you for some of those unpredictable mud running conditions. A short disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer, ex-Marine, professional marathoner or anything close. I am a mud run enthusiast (maniac), who is highly engaged and interested in staying physically [...]

Hi mud run maniacs! I’d like to introduce to you Mud Run Maniac’s newest feature…Maniac Mondays. And since your average mud run comprises a balance of obstacles and running, you also need to get used to the transition of using your grip to using your legs and back again. In your next mud run, you’ll [...]

Has the Tough Mudder Funky Monkey defeated each and every one of your experienced monkey bar strategies? Or maybe you’re a newbie mud runner who’s heard that those greased-up monkey bars are just about impossible to conquer. I know the feeling…I too hit the mud several times before finally dominating this childish, yet intimidating event. [...]