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This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our good friend Mike Ryan, PT, ATC, PES. Mike is the Head Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and the founder of, an incredible resource for free sports medicine dedicated to keeping mature athletes healthy and active. Outside from his professional life, Mike’s [...]

Nearly every mud run event has at least one obstacle that will force you to get down on your stomach and low crawl. More often than not, the surface you will need to crawl on will be some form of rocky, muddy, grassy, snowy, icy, metallic, rubber or wooden surface. You might even have a [...]

Looking to cure sore muscles? Can’t seem to get the knots out no matter how long or how often you stretch? You’ve tried everything from heat therapy to an ice massage, but you just can’t get rid of that stiffness and pain in your legs? Instead of limping into your doctor’s office, take a run [...]

Top Five Minimalist Mud Run Shoes

Are you a minimalist mud runner? Looking for the best minimalist mud run shoe to use in your mud run training? Wondering what the heck a minimalist mud run shoe is, anyway? (Scroll down to get right to the good stuff.) Hey Paul! So i wore my NB Minimus Trail Shoes this past Saturday @ [...]

This past Sunday, the NFL lost yet another player, Jeff Cumberland (TE) for the NY Jets to an Achilles tendon tear. Sure, Cumberland certainly isn’t the most recognizable name in the NFL, but what is recognizable is the exorbitant amount of Achilles injuries that have already plagued the 2011 season, unofficially ten in preseason alone, [...]