Maniac Monday Workout: Ruck Runner

Ruckin’ and Rollin’ I’m really getting used to working-out with a weighted pack (ruck). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always use a 25-lb gripper plate, sometimes I’ll just toss in a 10 or a few 5’s or just workout with all the sh*t I have in my bag that day. But ever since I [...]

No. 41 Because Mudders Love to Fail We typically look at failure as a dark cloud of missed goals or shortcomings. But life is all about learning and failing at things is one of the best ways we can educate ourselves. Taking a risk and failing at something makes us think of what we did [...]

Hey Mudder, you’re an animal…so act like one! Mud run events and mud run training are some of the most primal activities we will ever put ourselves through. Think about it…we bond with the earth and the elements, we rely on instinct and survival skills, and we hunt with fellow mudders toward our prey – [...]

TOTW: Practice Scaling

The eastern water dragon has much in common with the mud run maniac. He can be found in forests, grasslands, woodlands and urban-area park lands. He spends most of his free time near rivers, creeks, or lakes and is so well-adapted to water and muck that he can remain submerged in the stuff for over an hour. [...]

As the winter months approach, mud run maniacs keep on mudding. Running through frigid temperatures is tough enough as it is, but doing so drenched in icy cold mud is an entirely different animal that you need to prepare for. Before you head out to your local sporting goods store and exit with a cart [...]

The mud running community is quickly gaining muddy ground lately as we continue to seek relief from our offices, labs, classrooms, couches and cubicles. …a mud run just ain’t a mud run without an ice-cold FREE beer waiting at the finish line! With this great demand for a filthy wet fix, the supply of mud [...]

Nearly every mud run event has at least one obstacle that will force you to get down on your stomach and low crawl. More often than not, the surface you will need to crawl on will be some form of rocky, muddy, grassy, snowy, icy, metallic, rubber or wooden surface. You might even have a [...]

This week’s Maniac Monday workout combines a few unconventional elements and exercises to prepare you for some of those unpredictable mud running conditions. A short disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer, ex-Marine, professional marathoner or anything close. I am a mud run enthusiast (maniac), who is highly engaged and interested in staying physically [...]

Hi mud run maniacs! I’d like to introduce to you Mud Run Maniac’s newest feature…Maniac Mondays. And since your average mud run comprises a balance of obstacles and running, you also need to get used to the transition of using your grip to using your legs and back again. In your next mud run, you’ll [...]

A short Mud Run Maniac anecdote…(scroll down to skip to the goods)…I remember one summer my parents drove me to a two-week wrestling camp in World’s End, PA. The camp was literally on the top of a mountain, to the point where the car was crawling in second gear to get up to the grounds. [...]

Whenever people ask me about Tough Mudder training, their curiosity is most intense about preparing for two obstacles, the “Electric Shock” and “Walk the Plank“. This week, I’m going to cover preparing for the infamous Tough Mudder Walk the Plank, one of the most feared mud run obstacles. This obstacle is for the true mud [...]

Has the Tough Mudder Funky Monkey defeated each and every one of your experienced monkey bar strategies? Or maybe you’re a newbie mud runner who’s heard that those greased-up monkey bars are just about impossible to conquer. I know the feeling…I too hit the mud several times before finally dominating this childish, yet intimidating event. [...]