race day domination

Building Up to the Challenge At Hybrid Athlete we prepare obstacle athletes to dominate their race by training race day stamina. These sessions are longer than most, lasting up to 2 hours.  The workout is intense, but completed at a conversational pace with focus on continuous movement over an extended period of time. Training in [...]

This workout will build leg strength, train the grip and prepare you to transport an awkward or unbalanced load, a challenge typical of obstacle races. Completing an obstacle race requires a unique skill set. Your goal is not that of an endurance athlete; maintaining a consistent heart rate over an extended distance. However, training strength [...]

Moving mud. The people of mud running and obstacle racing are a tight-knit community. We are the crazy S.O.B.’s that chat on Facebook about our latest filthy feats and post pics of ourselves hauling sandbags or sliding face-first through mud. We are in networks-galore with other mud lovin’ folks we hardly know and we are [...]