100 Ruckin’ Miles Challenge

Holy moly mackeroly! In March, we killed our upper bodies by repeating the infamous “burpee” 5,000 freakin’ times. This month, prepare to test your lower-half. The Challenge: Run 100 Ruckin’ Miles. Are you serious? Yes, well, I don’t know. It’s worth a try. I think a lot of you probably run close to or more [...]

Boot camp is dead. Long live mud run training! If you’ve been a subscriber for a while than you are familiar with my Maniac Monday Workouts, where each week I provide you with one of my personal workouts to help improve areas of your mud run training. To create workouts, I’ll often piece together a [...]

This week’s Maniac Monday Workout is one of my favorites. Introducing: Street Olympics (5 Miles of Smiles). Street Olympics will take you back to your youth when the act of running and jumping around wasn’t a workout, it was a way of life. Before you begin this workout, I want you to think back to [...]

Mud Run Training Log: 10-16-11

(Saturday 10-15-11: Family Day) Breakfast: Coffee with organic whole milk 1 banana Handful of almonds Lunch IF = Intermittent Fasting (check out Primal Blueprint for more info) Water only Dinner Fresh ham salad with kiwi, crumbled bacon, avocado, grape tomatoes, cucumber, diced provolone, Maui onions, and balsamic vinaigrette One can PBR! Dessert Coffee with organic [...]

Looking to cure sore muscles? Can’t seem to get the knots out no matter how long or how often you stretch? You’ve tried everything from heat therapy to an ice massage, but you just can’t get rid of that stiffness and pain in your legs? Instead of limping into your doctor’s office, take a run [...]

Top Five Minimalist Mud Run Shoes

Are you a minimalist mud runner? Looking for the best minimalist mud run shoe to use in your mud run training? Wondering what the heck a minimalist mud run shoe is, anyway? (Scroll down to get right to the good stuff.) Hey Paul! So i wore my NB Minimus Trail Shoes this past Saturday @ [...]

This past Sunday, the NFL lost yet another player, Jeff Cumberland (TE) for the NY Jets to an Achilles tendon tear. Sure, Cumberland certainly isn’t the most recognizable name in the NFL, but what is recognizable is the exorbitant amount of Achilles injuries that have already plagued the 2011 season, unofficially ten in preseason alone, [...]

Hi mud run maniacs! I’d like to introduce to you Mud Run Maniac’s newest feature…Maniac Mondays. And since your average mud run comprises a balance of obstacles and running, you also need to get used to the transition of using your grip to using your legs and back again. In your next mud run, you’ll [...]

A short Mud Run Maniac anecdote…(scroll down to skip to the goods)…I remember one summer my parents drove me to a two-week wrestling camp in World’s End, PA. The camp was literally on the top of a mountain, to the point where the car was crawling in second gear to get up to the grounds. [...]