Drop-Klick Challenge

Full recap of last month’s “100 Ruckin Mile Challenge” coming soon, but in the interim, I have to say that you guys crushed the hell out of that one! We had over a 100 participants and 55 of you recorded each ruckin’ mile on the Tracker Spreadsheet. Awesome! Really ruckin’ awesome. Patches are coming soon! [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: HIIT It!

Typically, I’ll incorporate at least one day a week of High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) into my mud run training schedule. HIIT workouts focus mostly on speed and sprint bursts and will really boost your overall performance and provide an efficient way to burn fat. During a HITT workout, you’ll generally burn up to 9 times more [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: Hill Hell

Wanna build some mud run muscle in your legs without hitting the leg press or squat machine? Try steep hill sprints for a short and intense max-effort workout. The Benefits of Steep Hill Sprints: Strengthen running muscles Prevent running injuries Increase running efficiency Shed fat Increase overall running speed More fun that flat land sprints [...]