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Climbing the Goddamn Wall

About a month ago, I stopped blogging. I stopped posting on Facebook, I stopped Tweeting, I stopped engaging with you, the Mud Run Maniac community. I just stopped. I shut down. I hit my wall. We’ve all been there, at the wall. At Tough Mudder, I’ve stared that sucker down until I KNOW 100% I [...]

Hey Mudder, you’re an animal…so act like one! Mud run events and mud run training are some of the most primal activities we will ever put ourselves through. Think about it…we bond with the earth and the elements, we rely on instinct and survival skills, and we hunt with fellow mudders toward our prey – [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: Muscle Up!

Muscle-up! I recently added the CrossFit favorite “muscle-up” into my repertoire. The muscle-up basically involves a pull-up followed by a dip in which you perform the dip above the pull-up bar. If you’re having trouble finding the strength to muscle-up over the bar, you can try a few different methods, like swinging, substituting jumping muscle-ups [...]

I consider Ryan one of my closest friends. We were introduced to each other while working at a bar nearly 15 years ago. In 2010, we found a common bond in our passion for mud running. This is Ryan’s perspective of that journey…A special thanks to Ryan for taking the time to share his story…It’s [...]

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 3: “Spartan Shoulders” Cadre: Beaux This is ALPHA, not OMEGA…. This week, GRC Cadre Beaux brings us the third installment of the Beaux-Body Plan with a workout that will have your shoulders screaming for mercy. Good livin’! The Beaux-Body Plan Intro and Part 1 The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2: Chesticles -Paul [...]

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2: “Chesticles” Cadre: Beaux So if you’re feelin’ froggy then leap… This week, GRC Cadre Beaux brings us his second installment of last week’s Beaux-Body Plan with a workout guaranteed to get you the chest of a war fighter. Enjoy! -Paul Bigger Chesticles Let me start by saying never have [...]

GRC WOW: The Beaux-Body Plan Cadre: Beaux “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.”- Socrates Let me start by saying I am not a dietitian, nor am I a personal trainer. I am a Recon Marine, a drunken gun fighter who possess a war-fighter’s body. “A war fighters body? What’s that?” In short [...]

It’s been a few weeks since my last Maniac Monday Workout post, so I just want to thank you for your patience while I’ve been away. I hope you’ve been setting your goals and lining up a plan for challenging yourself in 2012. I shared some of my own goals with you in my last [...]


GRC WOW: KIT Up! Cadre: Dan “Treat your body like you hate it.” The Workout: This workout is for time, which starts when you begin your 1 mile run. All exercises below should be completed while wearing KIT (ie: body armor, backpack with 45-pound plate or 6 bricks, or weighted vest with 40 pounds) except [...]

Winding Down The last two weeks, I really tapered down my mud run training due to participating in the Dec. 10 GORUCK Challenge in Washington, D.C. and the World’s Toughest Mudder event this past weekend in Englishtown, NJ. While I completed the GORUCK Challenge in its entirety, I missed my goal of lasting 24-hours at [...]

GRC WOW: SOPHIE Cadre: Lou The Workout This workout is for time**, which starts when you begin your first 1/4-mile sprint. ** To complete “for time”, you will need to set a goal (time or reps) for your mountain climbers instead of going “to failure” as indicated below.  Warm-up 2000 Meters Rowing or 1 Mile Run [...]

Maniac Monday Workout: Hill Hell

Wanna build some mud run muscle in your legs without hitting the leg press or squat machine? Try steep hill sprints for a short and intense max-effort workout. The Benefits of Steep Hill Sprints: Strengthen running muscles Prevent running injuries Increase running efficiency Shed fat Increase overall running speed More fun that flat land sprints [...]

When it comes to cold water diving, there’s definitely some debate out there as to whether or not earplugs cause more harm than good. Generally, they are not recommended for scuba diving where increased depths and water pressure could drive the earplug further into the ear canal. Another common view is that earplugs may create [...]

GRC WOW: ZOMBIE 36 Cadre: Dan This workout is dedicated to the men of Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 3336 past and present. The Workout: This workout is for time, which starts when you grab the bar for the Front Squats. The total workout should take you less than an hour. Good Luck and Embrace the [...]

A few things inspired this workout…During the week, I typically substitute my lunch hour for a mud run training session at NYSC, which means I have to get-in, hit my workout, and get-out and back to work in under an hour. I’m also in my final weeks leading up to my first GORUCK Challenge on [...]

Filthy Fitness: How I Became a Mud Run Maniac

­A Muddy Introduction I signed up for my first mud run to finally get in shape. At just 28 years old, my 6’2″, 285-pound frame would get winded walking up a simple flight of­ stairs. My wife would often tease me and poke me in the belly as if I were the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. I [...]

In my mud run training, I’m always looking for new ways to get the job done. Recently, I added sandbags into my workouts and the benefits go unmatched when it comes to training for strength, endurance and power. A sandbag is a cheap and effective training aid that is, well, awkward to lift. You can [...]

Mud Run Training Log: 11-21-11

26DAYS UNTIL WORLD’S TOUGHEST MUDDER Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheddar Side fresh strawberries OJ Coffee with milk Lunch Boneless Pork Chop cooked in butter H2O Dinner Primal Shrimp Stir-Fry with tons of veggies and one egg over-easy (delish!) PBR DESSERT Full-fat Greek yogurt with banana & blueberries and tsp honey MUD RUN TRAINING WORKOUT Tabata Intervals: [...]

Mud Run Training Log: 11-20-11

27 DAYS UNTIL WORLD’S TOUGHEST MUDDER Breakfast: 1/2 Poached organic eggs Side pork roll Half avocado OJ Coffee with milk Lunch Primal Bison Chili PBR Dinner Homemade sausage & peppers PBRs DESSERT Hot Chocolate MUD RUN TRAINING WORKOUT 20 Jump pull-ups 20 tennis court net jumps 2 minutes deep mountain climbers

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