Cadre: Lou I’m not a certified trainer by any means, so do the best that you can do and have fun with this sh*t. If you like this basic one and want more I’ll post one a step above next time Can Crusher Warm-up as needed, then: 1/4 mile sprint outdoors (or on a treadmill [...]

This week, Rich Vos, founder and head coach of CrossFit Hustle, is back to bring you another Maniac Monday WOD named after one of my favorite Fugazi songs: Repeater Complete 5 Rounds for time: 5 Squat Cleans @ 155 10 Pull-ups 20 Double-Unders Before you begin this WOD… Do you know how to do a [...]

Boot camp is dead. Long live mud run training! If you’ve been a subscriber for a while than you are familiar with my Maniac Monday Workouts, where each week I provide you with one of my personal workouts to help improve areas of your mud run training. To create workouts, I’ll often piece together a [...]

GRC WOW: Bodyweight Philosophy: Part 1 Cadre: Patrick This week, I’d like to introduce you to GORUCK Cadre Patrick. While I have yet to meet Patrick, I can totally attest for his workout style, which focuses on getting the most out of your body by using your body. Using your own bodyweight is an awesome [...]

No time to waste. Time to haste. Throughout the week, I’ll typically workout during my hour lunch break. Some days, however, I’m sure to have more or less time than others. If you’re short on time, but want to hit most of your major muscle groups and get a killer cardio workout, then check this [...]

GRC-WOW: Cardieaux

GRC WOW: “Cardieaux” Cadre: Beaux Cardieaux is a complementary cardio workout to the Beaux-Body Plan to help you develop a body as hard as wood-pecker lips. You can check out the full Beaux-Body Plan here: The Beaux-Body Plan Intro and Part 1 The Beaux-Body Plan Part 2: Chesticles The Beaux-Body Plan Part 3: Spartan-Shoulders The [...]


GRC WOW: KIT Up! Cadre: Dan “Treat your body like you hate it.” The Workout: This workout is for time, which starts when you begin your 1 mile run. All exercises below should be completed while wearing KIT (ie: body armor, backpack with 45-pound plate or 6 bricks, or weighted vest with 40 pounds) except [...]