The Olympic Challenge

For the Olympic Challenge, I challenge you to seek and obtain a new Personal Best in any of your training exercises. Share your new Personal Best on the Mud Run Maniac Facebook Wall.


For the next 17 days, we will witness the greatest athletes in the world each competing to be the best-of-the-best as the 2012 London Olympics are now underway. And as summer sadly grows closer to a close, mud run maniacs know that the true tests of grit are just around the corner…cold weather mud runs! The icy cold water, blustering winds, rock solid ground, frosted faces, numb fingers and toes, and frozen Under Armour. The suck.

I know, I know, the last thing you want to think about while your running along the beach with your shirt off today is the nastiness of winter. But as the Olympics are upon us, I can’t help but think about how all these bests-of-the-best earned their 17-day stays in London.

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What does it take to be the best?

To be the best, the Olympian must prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. She cannot play it by ear or rely purely on instincts and natural talents. To be the best, the Olympian must push herself further where others would rather quit. To be the best, the Olympian will commit to her training at all costs.

I’m not asking you to be the best athlete in the world. But if you’re signed up for a mud run or obstacle race this Fall, I want you to start to think about where you are in your training and where you want to be when you step up to the start line. If you are seeking a personal best, like the Olympian, you too must commit to your training.

The Olympics remind us that as humans, we can do incredibly EPIC things. You have what it takes be EPIC, now it’s just a matter of doing it.

For the next 17 days, don’t just watch the Olympics, train for them. Push yourself a little harder, swim a little longer, and sprint a little faster. Push through the mental blocks and the emotional breaks and listen to your body. Your body won’t lie to you, but your mind and your emotions will. At times, they will tell you to quit, but don’t. That’s just a signal to give more effort. It’s a signal that you are about to do something EPIC if you just embrace the suck and drive through it.

You can do this. You can train like an Olympian. You can be EPIC.

mudrunmaniac-olympic-challengeThe Olympic Challenge:

When: The Olympic Challenge begins now and ends at the close of the London 2012 Olympics.

Who: Open to all Mud Run Maniacs and obstacle racers throughout the world.


  • For the next 17 days, I challenge you to seek and obtain a new Personal Best in any of your training exercises.
  • Share your new Personal Best on the Mud Run Maniac Facebook Wall.
  • Post an accompanying picture or video whenever possible and be sure to tell us what area your new Personal Best is in.
  • You are strongly encouraged to Share, Comment and Like your fellow Olympic Challengers’ posts to help motivate the group and maintain camaraderie throughout the Challenge.

Prizes: The first and most important prize is pride. The second and equally important prize is the ability to Share your new Personal Best with hundreds of mud run maniacs just like you! And because Mud Run Maniacs are my favorite kind of maniac, I will also pick a few Olympic Challengers at random over the next 17 days to win an Official Mud Run Maniac T-shirt. Woo-hoo! (Please note, t-shirts may take 1-2 weeks after the conclusion of the Challenge to ship.)

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